Data doesn't get saved

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    February 14, 2017 at 9:41 AM #1453

    Thanks for your great plugin, Modal Survey.
    I have a problem with it.
    The plugin shows ok on the page, you can fill in the data, but none of the data gets saved in the backend.
    Here’s the page.
    I tried checking/unchecking all the options, installing/uninstalling, created new surveys… Nothing solved it.

    The weird thing is, we have a test server, where we tested the plugin and it works there (?!). I thought it might be from not being able to have it run on multiple sites. So we deleted it from the test, set it up on the other server… still doesn’t work.
    I have a strong suspicion it might be from the server side.
    Please help.
    Thanks :)
    screenshotGoogle Chrome console error on the live website

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