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    September 15, 2014 at 7:56 PM #291

    While I know that your plugin works great, I need to find one more thing out and its regarding the META DATA (some dynamic) from the site. I added a SHARETHIS plugin to the page since I wanted other social sharing options and both plugins work find together with one exception. The exception is that the SHARETHIS pulls all the correct data including image where I cant get your to do the same. On yours it either pulls a dead number or it leaves it blank.

    Hopefully you can see the attached image and I highlighted the differences in YELLOW and I pulled the examples from the same page located here:

    You can also see the same example on the HOMEPAGE where the SHARETHIS pulls the data for the SITE DESCRIPTION where yours still pulls (from I dont know where) the text “enter general site description.” and not the correct image.

    I figure this is something that you may know pretty quickly where to change, but it skips me. I know that the site has an area designated for the META DATA for the site and the SHARETHIS one can pull it, so do you know where I can change whatever needs to change on yours to pull the same info?

    Thanks so much in advance and for your help,


    Here is the link to the larger image:

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